Guiding Light – 9/11 Lord’s Supper Sunday

Psalm 27:1

-David light consist of light and darkness
-In the Old Testament, LORD refers to Jehovah
-We are not saved by Jehovah
-We are reading before Christ came
-You can’t read and think all is well, there is something called application
-Psalms are really prayers
-He is praying for a constant communion with God
-He is saying now that I have discovered Jehovah God, I have discovered a need in the Lord
-Light here suggest he is my guide, my controller
-He says I think I rather have him guiding me
-Our salvation was predicated on the love of God
-He puts the light in a position so I can see better and gives me salvation so I can rest better – because of what I see he preserve me so I can rest better
-He says the light was so bright that it blinded me, but while it blinded me, in my biblical view it opened my understanding now I can see things more clearly
-David is saying prior to this I was allowing myself to be led around

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