Jesus of the Bible – 7/24 – 8 a.m. Worship

Matthew 1:21
(Mark 1:1 & Luke 1:31-33)

*His name shall be called Jesus*
-there’s a purpose in this name, there’s a definition that needs to be well defined to what it intends to be
-when we fail to maintain it renders us in to a state of being unholy
-Are you in the kingdom?
-What is the Power of God?
-Is there any limitation? NO
-Have YOU Become One of His People?
-the kingdom door is always open
-we are all one body in Christ
-What does he look like to you?
-Jesus is a friend to sinners-
-Who brought us from yesterday?
-Who put us to sleep & wake us up?
-Isaiah said His name shall be called Emmanuel – which means God is with us
-He came to complete a mission given Him by God

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