Oct 16 – Women Day – Sis. Karen Smith

James 1:6
Women Standing in Faith Through Tribulation

-we have to take a stand
-if we stand on God’s Promises we can do anything
-how do we stand on that faith
-first, you have to seek him (Matt. 6:33)
-allow the holy spirit to work in you
-get to know the word of God
-things will be added unto you, peace, joy, and
-study the word of God (2 Tim. 15:32)
-second, surrender unto God (Romans 12:32)
-surrender means yield, relinquish our power unto
someone else, let God handle it
-surrender everything unto him
-we have to allow him to be God
-2 Corinthians 5:17 says, you have to allow God to
transform your mind
-once you allow God to work it out it is well worked
-third, he wants you to stand
-remember the battle is not yours
-Exodus 14:13 says, be persistant if we want any
-realize and recognize he will fight it for you

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