Pre-Woman’s Day 9/18 8 a.m. Worship

Dr. Kimberly Barner, Guest Speaker

Proverbs 31:10-31
Virtuous Woman, Handling Your Business

Character of this virtuous woman

-she cares for her family and husband
-are we handling our business
-she shares, stretches out to the poor and needy
-are we sharing a little of our wealth
-are we doing anything to benefit others
-she prepares
-are we prepared for the bumps in the road
-she dares, not in a dangerous or thrill seeking way
-are we willing to be daring to handle our business

-Are we caring for the things God has giving us?
-Are we sharing our blessings with others?
-Are we preparing for what’s to come?
-Are we daring to step out on faith to become the women God wants us to be?

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