Sept 11 – 5 p.m. Bible Knowledge

1. Jacob sent his family across this river before wrestling with an angel: Genesis 32
2. The land given to Abraham lay between these two rivers: Genesis 15
3. In Revelation, this river is dried up to prepare the way for the kings of the East. Revelation 16
4. This man lost his preeminence because he was as uncontrolled as water: Genesis 49
5. This man’s mother cast her son into the river: Exodus 2
6. Paul was shipwrecked, only to be bitten by this animal: Acts 28
7. How many times did Naaman wash himself in the waters of the river Jordan? 2 Kings 5
8. The only disciple recorded as having walked on water: Matthew 14
9. The Nile River was turned to blood on what plaque?
10. Which of the following was not one of the rivers which watered Eden? Genesis 2
11. The water of this river stood in a heap: Joshua 3

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