Sept 25 Bible Knowledge

Sept 18 Bible Knowledge Answers
1. Nebo
2. a burning bush
3. Aaron & Hur
4. Moses broke them
5. a pursuing army
6. death of the firstborn
7. goats
8. Levi
9. Gershom
10. Zipporah
11. Midian

1. His first visit to Jerusalem after his conversion was to visit? Gal 1
2. Paul was sent to preach to these people? Acts 22
3. Paul’s companion on his early missionary trips was? Acts 13
4. After his Escape, Paul spent some time in? Gal 1
5. Paul had to Escape from Damascus using a? Acts 9
6. Once healed, Paul went to preach here? Acts 9
7. God sent this man to cure Paul? Acts 9
8. How long did Paul spend at Judas’ house without eating or drinking? Acts 9
9. As a result of this meeting he was? Acts 9
10. On the road at noon, Paul met? Acts 9
11. Paul requested permission from the authorities in Jerusalem to visit this city? Acts 9
12. Paul’s first role in early Christianity was that of a? Acts 8

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